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Glen Cheney

Glen Cheney

I’m a New Media Interactive Development student, graduating from RIT, with a passion for front-end web development. I enjoy keeping up with new technologies and making the web awesome. Growing up in Corvallis, Oregon, I attended Crescent Valley High School and played baseball from the age of 4 until sophomore year when I played lacrosse for Corvallis Lacrosse instead. I played ice hockey from 7 years old until freshman year of RIT (12 years) and I have been assistant captain on multiple teams.

I love to play and work in teams while striving to make everyone around me better. I am often a quiet and focused individual and am very good at managing my time. I hope to work at a company who is passionate about their work and to improve my skills by learning from them.

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My Hobbies

  • Gaming
  • Drinking Mountain Dew
  • Recycling
  • Hockey

My Heritage

Corvallis, OR

Sydney, NSW

My Skills

  • JavaScript
  • CSS
  • PHP
  • ActionScript
  • C#
  • MySQL


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Vurino Winery Header

Vurino Winery

Code, Web

Vurino Winery is a fictional brand which I built a one page website for.

jessethoman.com hompage

Jesse Thoman Portfolio

Code, Web

Jesse Thoman's portfolio site is a four page responsive WordPress theme with custom post types.

Eightfold Studios Home

Eightfold Studios

Code, Web

Eightfold Studios is a portfolio site for a friend. It is built using WordPress as the CMS and the custom theme I created for it.

The Gallery

A.R.T.I. - Art Rendered Through Identity

Code, Web

My team project (capstone) at RIT. A.R.T.I. generates art using the user’s biometric data.

Shuffle Shuffling

jQuery Shuffle Plugin

Code, Web

Shuffle and categorize a grid of items


YouVisit / YourCampus360

Code, Web

Built custom CMS using PHP to manage YourCampus360’s database, implemented Facebook registration feature, updated Android app, redesigned walking tour.

Battleship in Game


Code, Web

Battleship is a turn based, compound document. The board and pieces are all drawn with SVG.

Split the Bill iPhone App

Split The Bill iPhone App

Code, Miscellaneous

iPhone app that allows a group of people to split up a bill, including tax and tip, based on what they bought.

Breakthru Radio

Breakthru Radio

Code, Web

The main project I worked on while at Rokkan, built with PHP, WordPress, and JavaScript.

Jeopardy Game


Code, Web

Built Jeopardy with MySQL and an Admin to manage the questions and categories!

Blog Home

Blog Site

Code, Web

Using PHP, I made a small blog site complete with an administration page.

JavaScript Menus

JavaScript Dynamic Creation

Code, Web

Everything in this project is built dynamically with no JS libraries.

Tranformers Quotes Page

Transformers Website

Code, Web

Using php, javascript, html, and css, built a ten page website on a movie.

Flash and PHP Poll

Flash/PHP Poll

Code, Web

Created an interactive poll using Flash and PHP.

SVG weather machine

SVG Weather

Code, Web

An SVG weather machine!

Flipsyde Concert Poster

Flipsyde Concert Poster


A fake concert poster for Flipsyde. Created mostly with Adobe Illustrator.


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